Contentment starts within each individual…

Toast To Paint shares it with the world; one painting at a time.

About Us

Toast To Paint

7185 W. Bloomingdale

Chicago, IL. 60707

(312) 576-6300

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“Toast To Paint” is a fun spirited art studio located in Chicago’s Galewood community. The idea is to create a space that will inspire and promote happiness in everyone who picks up a paint brush to express their creativity through art! We have fun and mingle with diverse individuals in an accepting and encouraging atmosphere, with a common goal of creating your very own masterpiece! Our classes are taught with step by step instruction, so no experience is needed! We display a completed replica and paint on our own easel in front of the class so each painter can visually see the steps taken for the replicated artwork! Come and release the stress of everyday life! You just might be surprised what you create!

This is an all ages event and since we guide you step by step, experience is not required! We host social art parties for birthdays, team building, reunions, bridal/bachelor events, girls night out, couples date night, family night… any gathering where creative fun is expected!

“Toast To Paint” takes pride in the joyful environment positivity creates, we create such an atmosphere through painting!

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Saturday, April 20th @7PM

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Mission Statement

Contentment starts within each individual, we want to tap into that emotion so that it can be shared with the world, one individual and one painting at a time…

“Toast To Paint” was created with the idea of bringing integrity back into society through art. If people can express themselves through artwork in a fun social environment, such felt happiness will be projected throughout the day. In return, that happiness will pour into anything they encounter…

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